History & Culture

Covenant was originally settled approximately 500 years ago by pilgrims seeking to live a more devout and pious life. They sought to get away from a society that they felt were going astray and becoming heathens. Since it’s original settling, it has doubled in size in both area and population although the original lifestyle still remains. Many of the same tenets and lifestyles still exists. If one were to look at the town 400 years ago and today, one may not be able to tell the difference.

The culture of the town is dominated by the religion of the area – a serious devotion to Bahamut. It is an extremely conservative and isolationist culture. Outsides are rarely seen (no more than a few people per decade). The society is patriarchal – Men are the leaders of the church and government, and the women are head of the households, schooling, and business.

Geography & Climate

Covenant is nestled at the southern base of the Angelhorn Mountains where the mountain range meets the Sea of the Red Serpent. The town proper is only about 1 square mile, but it’s farms may stretch another 10 miles to the west and south.

The weather is very temperate with just two season – winter and summer. The winter months often prove to difficult on the townsfolk. They often rely on only the sea for most of that time for sustenance.

Politics & Religion

Both Politics and Religion are one. The town Seneschal is both the leader of the town and the leader of the church. The Seneschal is well respected, but often ears his respect mainly through tradition and history. He is said to be able to communicate with Bahamut directly who helps him guide the town. Bahamut’s word is law, and if the Seneschal communes with Bahamut, then the Seneschal’s word is law.


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